23 Things I’ve Learned by Age 23

23 Things I've Learned By Age 23

Oh hi there! Damn, I apologize for being absent yet again. I’ve just been going through a lot of things these past few weeks. Between celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday (happy 24 to him), getting sick and trying to survive, turning another year older myself (hello 23, on May 30th in case you were wondering), celebrating my […]

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Red Hot But Cool As Ice | ATS The Label

Jenn Hanft in ATS the label

NYC weather has been CRAZY! Just last week it was cold, and by cold I mean winter jacket cold. Now this week is burning hot with the temperature hitting 90 degrees!!! Isn’t that insane? I’m completely not used to the back and forth. I decided to pull this shoot out of the archives because I felt it was […]

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Staying at the St. Regis Macao

st regis macao

I’m alive! Extremely sorry for the lack of posts lately. Between traveling, the jetlag, and among other things, just readjusting to the pace of reality, I finally am able to collect myself and get back to it. As you all know, I hit Hong Kong last month with my mom, but what I didn’t mention […]

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