White, Crisp, & Clean

Ever since my Sweet 16 and trying on gowns, I always felt like white didn’t suit me. That it was a color that only a bride should wear to her wedding. But it has grown on me in my recent years and I can’t seem to get away from it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a ton of white clothing. I don’t even have a plain white tee – which reminds me that I really should get one. But I have a few white blouses and dresses. A dash here and there among the pool of black.

I walked into H&M and fell in love with this white piece. It’s professional enough to wear to work and classy enough to go for brunch. I think my favorite part about white pieces are how clean they are. Crisp, sharp. Just like new fallen snow… before it all gets messed up. Which may explain why I don’t own many white pieces. I’m actually terrified of making a mess and staining it. Fallen drink? Drop of sauce? Yeah I’d definitely be the clumsy one to drop a tad of unwanted color on this beautiful, blank canvas.

The dress is in a style of a trench where it button snaps all the way down and then ties nicely on the waist. If it had long sleeve, it can totally pass for a jacket LOL. Maybe that’s where the elegance in it comes from. Adding a dash of black with these comfy wedges from Nordstrom and a little silver bling with this statement piece from BaubleBar, this outfit comes around full circle.

What are your thoughts on wearing white pieces?

H&M  White Dress  |   Nordstrom  Wedges
BaubleBar   Crystal Zelda Collar Necklace
Colour Pop Cosmetics Cami Matte X Lippie
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  1. Lovely outfit! I’m already a huge fan of white, but I’m always afraid to wear it (mainly due to my propensity for getting stains on my clothes) and am definitely living vicariously through this ensemble right now!

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