Vanish with Hourglass

I had the amazing opportunity to try out Hourglass‘ Vanish Foundation Stick and Brush.Β To be honest, I’ve never heard of Hourglass Cosmetics before, but boy have I been missing out!

First of all, let me say how beautiful this packaging is! I’ve never had the opportunity to use a foundation stick before so this entire experience, from the brand to the product, was new to me! The stick is shaped as a rounded triangular prism and it has such a sleek finish to it. The cap snaps off and reveals the stick in its creamy solid nature. In order to get more product, twist the body!

And this brush? The bristles are extremely soft and closely knit together providing the perfect blend. I even took a moment to test its lovely goodness against my cheek and it was heavenly.

Getting to the actual foundation product, I was a little skeptical at how it would blend once I swatched it on my hand. The consistency was creamy and smooth, but the color seemed a little too warm and dark for my skin. But I put faith in the product, because I’ve heard good things about it from a friend.

WOW! The foundation literally vanished as if it melted right into my skin in the perfect tones. If I didn’t know any better, I really couldn’t tell the difference between the foundation and my skin!Β The finish was so lightweight, slightly dewey, but mainly matte. It was smooth to the touch and it really provided a flawless finish.

Okay so it passed the swatch test. What about your face?

Again, I’ve never used a foundation stick before so application was a little weird since I wasn’t exactly sure how to use it “properly”. But it was just the same as my hand! The color was a bit too dark and warm for my taste, but once blended in with the super soft brush, it vanished and looked amazingly natural. The foundation is definitely build-able too!

I would say that I was thoroughly impressed and will definitely check out Hourglass’ other products! I’m still more of a liquid foundation girl with my beauty blender but trying new things never hurt!

Have you tried Hourglass before?

XO Jenn

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  1. I LOVE hourglass products!! I literally was just looking at this stick at Sephora last weekend but I am so horrible with makeup and heavy foundation terrifies me, so I passed… but based on your review it seems to practically vanish on the skin!! For some reason stick foundation always seemed so much more intimidating than liquid butttt I just might have to check it out now! Maybe in the fall, once it cools down ; )

    xx, Amy

    1. OMG I know the struggles! I hate using heavy foundation, so the idea of smearing a stick on kinda freaked me out! Especially when I swatched it but I was definitely amazed at how seamless it blended. I guess it also depends on the pressure when you apply πŸ™‚ Let me know how it is once if you every try!

  2. I literally just saw someone using this in a video and talking a bit about it this morning, so I was so excited to also come across your post on it! It literally looks like there’s no product on your hand when blended out!

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