The Boyfriend Look

Because it clearly looks better on me.

Hahaha just kidding, only a little. I stole this turtle neck and jacket from my boyfriend because I had the brilliant idea that it would make for the perfect look. It’s actually super funny because he was wearing it at the time and I had to tell him that I’m jacking his fit on the spot. Sharing is caring, right? Luckily, he was more than happy to oblige making an exuberantly happy me.

I have recently found myself gravitating toward the oversized, comfy look. Not sure if it’s because of the winter or just because I’ve been running out of clothes, but I’ve grown quite attached. Since I don’t own many oversized pieces, I’ve been casually borrowing sweaters from my dad’s closet. So, the moment I saw what le bae was wearing, I knew I had to have it on. LOL. So this inspired look is taking “The Boyfriend” style to a new, literal meaning #sorrynotsorry.

Since I was basically stealing a look from someone else, I decided to go all in and change my part to a middle. I used to rock this look when I was younger with paper straight, long black hair and no layers at all. It wasn’t until 6th grade that I decided to get a “big-girl” look, switch my part, get bangs, chop my hair, and layer it up.

I actually have tried to sport this middle part but I felt super self conscious about the way it framed my face. I felt like I looked ridiculous and could never measure up to the not-even-trying-but-I-totally-pull-it-off-anyway look. Think the Kardashians. So with my care out the window, I took the plunge to try it out again and throw on a vampy shade. Perhaps I was going for an alterego look where I exuded confidence and a lack of care to what others think.

Looking back, I have to say that I’m super glad that I jumped the gun and just went with whatever I felt like doing. Sometimes you just have to take a risk and believe in it full force and the result will be nothing short of amazing. I felt like a total badass rocking men’s wear and a “new do”.

A friend once said to me that if you are confident in what you do, it will reflect fiercely and effortlessly. I agree 110% in that! Don’t be afraid to test new limits and push certain boundaries. Always challenge yourself and know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.


Zara Leather Jacket | H&M Turtle Neck
Aritzia Leggings | Steve Madden OTK’s
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  1. Oh hello le boyfriend and thank you for that sweater cause Jenn styled it to the perfection! I mean, why buy an oversized sweater when you can borrow one from the lover boy hehe 😉
    I like your hair like that Jenn! I think you look beautiful! Like you said , confidence is key in everyting you do! If you feel confident about something it will show!

    Bisous, Josie

  2. I wear my boyfriends clothing all the time so I can definitely relate to loving the oversized feel of sweaters. I’m always striving to feel comfortable and that outfit is definitely something I would wear!

  3. I love the middle part and I think it frames your face so beautifully! As I get older, I am gravitating more towards oversized and comfy than tight and fitted. I am so happy that the oversized look is in style right now. This turtleneck sweater and parka are edgy yet also warm which is crucial in the winter. You nailed it with this look and now you have more options for wardrobe now that you can go into the BF’s closet! =). xoxo, Christine

  4. HOLY HOTNESS, girlfriend (in her boyfriend’s clothes). You look freaking amazing. From the oversized clothing paired with those killer boots, to your middle part, to your vampy lip color, it’s all incredible. You seriously slay no matter what you wear, but I’ve got to say this is one of my favorite posts from you. It’s really neat to see the transformation since when I first began to follow along with your blog! You’ve grown so much, and I’m loving this air of confidence!

    Stephanie //

  5. You look so good with your hair parted in the middle. From time to time, I change the part on my head too because it starts to fall flat from where I usually part it and it feels weird every time. lol
    I love the oversized piece on you. You look so damn good girl. Be confident in everything you rock. You look great!


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