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Lace Details with SheIn

As anyone could guess by now, black is literally my favorite color to wear every season. But what caught me with this look is the lace. I surprisingly don’t own that many lace things, mainly because I’m extremely clumsy and all the lace items I’ve had somehow ripped or teared and literally left me devastated. So I tend to stray from all things lace, but I just couldn’t refuse this unique top because it just called my name.

Fall Graced Us So Soon

Can you believe that today is the FIRST day of Fall?! Where did all the time go? It’s almost like magic…

When I was shooting this outfit, I seriously envisioned myself with wings, a wand, and some fairy dust. Am I wrong? There’s something very mystical or magical about this look. It could be my hair…or this dress…or just a plain combination of the two.

Saying Goodbye to Summer with Metisu

Dear Summer,

You did an amazing job these past three months. I’ve had my (few) trips to the beach and they were nothing short of awesome. I dipped my toes into the sand,  soaked in the sun, and the sea air just relaxed me entirely. I’ve had plenty cones of ice cream, swam in the pool like a guppy, sang along to songs in car rides. I met incredible people and bonded over the unbearable heat, melting together. I created great memories and I can’t wait until we meet again.