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How I Juggle Blogging While Working A Full-Time 9-to-5 Job

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“Wait… you work a 9-to-5 job? I thought you were a Full-Time Blogger!”

The amount of times I hear this is astounding! Yes, it’s true. I live a “double-life” as many other bloggers do. It’s about time I shared this post and tell you all how I juggle blogging while working a Full-Time 9-to-5 job. Be warned, this post is going to be lengthy!


Mind Over Matter | Confidence As A Weapon

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Mind Over Matter: If you don’t mind, they don’t matter.

I’ve learned the hard way that trying to please everyone is not only an almost impossible task, it’s also super stressful and not worth the pain. Besides learning to pick and choose your battles, you should have the confidence in yourself to be okay with certain decisions. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes.