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Behind The Looking Glass

Oh, hi there.
It’s you.
How have you been?
I’ve been okay.
I’ve just been dealing with a few things. I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. I know, two weeks doesn’t seem like that much, but time goes by so slow. It’s just hard, you know? But I think I’ve taken enough time. Time away really allowed me to think. To actually clear my mind and see for the first time. Or maybe I’ve just seen all along, it’s hard to tell. I seem to go through periods like these quite often. The ones where I feel lost, and I just…float? I try to swim, but I don’t really get anywhere. Circles, on circles.
But now I have you, again.
The sole constant in a sea of many droplets.
Thank you for listening to my thoughts. 

Dezzal Has My Back Covered

I know a lot of people have been having a hard time saying good bye to Summer, trust I know, but I’m sure some can appreciate the cooler weather. I know I have, but lately in New York it went from sunny and cool to chilly. How does one prepare for this? Dezzal seriously has my back on this one with this amazing trench coat. Can you believe I’ve never had a trench coat til now?!

Feeling Edgy with Pink Sheep Heiress

Everyone has at least one piece of leather in their closet, right? I found the hottest leather commodity to be a jacket. Correct me if I’m wrong. I already have a classy leather jacket at home from White House Black Market, but not an edgy one – like the ones you would ride a motorcycle with. Pink Sheep Heiress literally answered my leather prayers and blessed the world with this leather moto jacket.

Lace Details with SheIn

As anyone could guess by now, black is literally my favorite color to wear every season. But what caught me with this look is the lace. I surprisingly don’t own that many lace things, mainly because I’m extremely clumsy and all the lace items I’ve had somehow ripped or teared and literally left me devastated. So I tend to stray from all things lace, but I just couldn’t refuse this unique top because it just called my name.