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All We Need Is Love

It’s very easy to get lost in the midst of things. To find a divide forming and the sudden illusion of being forced to choose a side. It becomes a domino effect, with people scrambling left and right to choose a hard left or a hard right. There is no true right and there is no true wrong. Everything is a mere perspective, a perception and everyone’s opinions are different. That does not mean that one’s ideal should be valued over the other. All voices should be heard.

Stop hate. Spread love.

Dezzal Has My Back Covered

I know a lot of people have been having a hard time saying good bye to Summer, trust I know, but I’m sure some can appreciate the cooler weather. I know I have, but lately in New York it went from sunny and cool to chilly. How does one prepare for this? Dezzal seriously has my back on this one with this amazing trench coat. Can you believe I’ve never had a trench coat til now?!