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The First of Many

In the land of New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve found myself gravitating to more vague, growth-centric ones. For the past two years, I’ve followed the main NYR of something new for every month of the new year. That’s 12 things and there is no limit to what they can be. Anywhere from meeting someone new, learning something new, trying something new, visiting a new place, and so on. It boils down to 12 new things to color my life with, ultimately achieving what everyone wants: a better them. Why not make each month memorable?

I’m happy to report that I’ve already accomplished my something new for January: shooting in the snow.

Closing a Chapter

After yet another unannounced hiatus, I’m finally back and in a new year no less. I know that I shouldn’t feel a need to exactly explain myself, so I’ll save the words, but just know that I’m finally in a better place now. After several days of finding myself not wanting to lift a muscle – potatoing precious hours away, I’ve finally come to a place that’s definitely more elevated than where I last left off.

Coming back, I feel the need to present a little year in review and highlight all of the moments this past year has brought, both dark and light. Moving onto a new chapter, it feels only right to close out the last one.