Sun-kissed Neutrals

Here in this meadow, this large vast patch of green, I feel safe. Without a worry, without any of my problems. I am just a tiny spec on this beautiful mound of earth, basking in the beautiful rays of the sun.

We seldom enjoy what nature has to offer. And honestly, just walking around this meadow reminded me of how the smallest things can bring so much joy.

Fresh air. Green surroundings. The warm sun. 

I feel like Summer is the perfect time to show off your neutrals and what better way then to wear a neutral toned maxi? I’m going to have to be honest, I have no idea where it’s from. A friend of mine (hey, Kat!) donated it to me when she was cleaning out her closet 😅 years ago. [Edit: mystery solved! A fellow IGer informed me that it’s a Forever21 dress 😂] SO, here I am putting it to good use. I really like it though. It’s one of my favorite maxis that I own! Maybe because it’s so lengthy and flowy.

Now, don’t hate me again, but the jewelry that I paired with this is also unknown. My mom got me these when I was very young and I still had it in my collection. The necklace features a light pink and deep red mixture of stones. It was actually one of my favorite necklaces growing up. The bracelet is a little younger in terms of how long I’ve had it. It’s golden with a butterfly. I guess we can call it a bangle, like a really big, wide bangle. I loved butterflies growing up. I had this night light of butterflies that lit up different colors and they were also different sizes. But in reality, butterflies also skeeve me out if you see them up close and personal.

Heels for this one! And LOL, yes they are black. I actually don’t own any nude colored heels or shoes in general. But these are my Vince Camuto gladiator heels. I just thought a small heel would compliment the maxi.

Forever21   Maxi Dress  |   Vince Camuto Gladiator Heels
Mysterious Necklace & Butterfly Bangle
Colour Pop Cosmetics Beeper Ultra Matte Lippie
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  • mommyteacherfashionista
    June 28, 2016

    This is so beautiful!!! Great outfit and great post !!

  • andlivloves
    June 29, 2016

    Love the sandals and the outfit!

  • stylelullaby
    June 29, 2016

    Omg, I can’t believe that maxi is from Forever 21! They have seriously been KILLING it with their summer styles this year. And more importantly, you look stunning in this dress! <3 xo, sharon

    • Jennsemble
      June 29, 2016

      I know right! Forever21 always has nice AND affordable pieces. Can’t go wrong! Thank you ❤

Maybe Some Things Are Black & White
Sun-kissed Neutrals