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All black outfit, except for this stripey cardigan. It has an interesting look, tight sleeves but baggy, rounded out center. There’s no buttons or zippers, so it’s just open. Sorta reminds me of a poncho. So keeping it simple, the black top is from H&M. It’s a spaghetti strap made of cotton. The pants are black leggings from Calving Klein. The cardigan is from Forever21. Wearing the Sam Edelmans again, since I’ve grown extremely comfortable in just throwing them on.

Waving the hair a bit for a different feel. Some what beachy waves? Oh how I wish it was Summer…sort of. I don’t like the heat nor the scorching sun, but I like the break it gives me. Finals are coming up for me and so I’m stressing a bit (maybe that’s why I’m wearing black), but anyway the necklace is actually a pass down from my mom. Where she got it, I don’t know but I love it. To think that if I remove the cardigan, I’m literally just a black blob. Kind of ironic, with the really Spring-y background, huh?

Welp, at least the weather is picking up now. Nasty rain for days.

Forever21 Striped Cardigan | H&M Spaghetti Strap Black Top
Calvin Klein Jeggings | Sam Edelman Louie Booties
Mysterious Black Necklace | Colour Pop Cosmetics Beeper Ultra Matte Lippie
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XO Jenn

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