Street Stylin’ Basics

You can literally find me in the basics section of H&M when I have the chance. I’m pretty sure I have majority of the summer items they’ve laid out. From t-shirt dresses to basic maxi’s to tank styled dresses to skirts. I made sure to get one of each – in different colors of course. I must admit I had to fight the urge to buy several of the same kind in different colors… (I only did that for the skirts).

So why basics?

Well one, it’s summer. In NYC. Have you felt the heat waves? Brb, drowning in sweat. The struggles are real when it comes to dealing with the scorching sun, am I right? So basics are a true blessing in disguise.

Two, they are super comfortable. Comfort above all, dudes. Especially when you’re fighting a hopeless battle with the heat. Basics are versatile and breathable. They don’t suffocate you.

Three, they’re casual. Solid colors. You really don’t need to try that hard to dress up, especially with the dresses. Just throw it on, put on some shoes and you’re good. You can do anything and it’ll still work. Sneakers? Yup, sport the comfy chic look. Sandals? Yeah, summer lovin’. Heels? Sure! Stepping up that style game. The world is your oyster 😉

Have I convinced you yet?

Hah! Before you is my basic maxi. Firstly, I adore the color. I’ve been super into reds. Rusty red, maroon, wine red, ruby red, burgundy – just any deep red in general. And by now you all know my love for maxi dresses! So spotting this on the rack was an easy yaaaaas. Another thing I like is the muscle tee cut. It really allows for my body to breath, especially when you walk past a store or restaurant that’s blasting AC and you feel that perfect gush of cool. Now, that’s what I’m talking about 😉 Lastly, I love the little slits. Again, another wonderful opportunity to let your body breathe. Woot, woot!

Pairing this with a simple flat sandal from JustFab, I figured it tied everything in together so nicely. A little bit of snazz for a basic outfit.

And of course, we gotta talk about the accessories. This really cool silver necklace is from Kendra Scott. I love the huge stone and the tassels. I’m a fan of chokers (#trending) and long pieces. The earrings are from Gorjana and I love that they fall both in front AND back of the ear lobe. When I was younger, I saw a pair of the same style in a store and my mom told me I was “too young” for them. Well mom, look at me now! ^_^

I got these lovely pieces from my current set from Rocksbox! If you haven’t heard of them yet, you totally should get on it! It’s a monthly subscription of jewelry rentals right to your door! You can borrow and trade pieces as you go. This definitely saves me time to go shopping, especially when I don’t really plan on keeping a lot of the pieces. Saves space and the hassle of coordinating pieces with outfits! If you’d like to give Rocksbox a go, you can use “jennsemblexoxo” for your first month FREE! 🙂

What are your thoughts on basics? Love em or hate em?

XO Jenn

Outfit Details:
H&M Basic Maxi | JustFab Sandals
Kendra Scott Rayne Silver Necklace (Slate)
Gorjana Chloe Mini Double Drop Earrings (Silver)
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Street Stylin’ Basics