Color plays such an important role in our lives. Maybe we just don’t see it. But a clear example would be The Giver and how muted lives take away from truly living and experiencing everything full fledge.

There are definitely moments in my life where I find myself wondering, “why can’t everything just be in black and white?” I mean, simplicity is key. Right? These days, minimalism is taking over. But why? Why do we favor minimalistic aesthetics? Because it’s clean. Because it is laid out perfectly in a specific way that is cut throat straight. There is no doubt, no question. Black and white, literally.

But we’re all victims to it somehow. Whether it’s through expression of clothes. You see it everywhere; on the streets, on your instagram feed. And I’m sure you’re also guilty of it somehow. I know I am. My closet has literally become a selective shade of blacks, whites, and neutrals. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating…I still have plenty of color here and there, but it’s mainly black. Like my soul.

I don’t have that issue! I wear colors more often than not. Okay, so you don’t show it through your attire. Fine. But you definitely are guilty of it some how.

Oh yeah? How? With your mind. One track thinking. Or a traditional approach to problem solving, life, or practically just anything. Black and white.

So why is this such an issue?

Color is necessary. Extremely necessary in everything we do. It brings life. Creativity. Imagination. New ideas. Risks. So splash some color in your wardrobe. If that’s not really what you’re after, change things up in your every day. Do something differently! Travel a new way to work, try out a new restaurant, or methodology. Switch up routine. Step outside of your comfort zone, or just cross something off your bucket list. These chances that we take help shape us. Each of our lives start off a blank canvas. It’s up to us to decide what is painted along the way.

There will be times where the roads are dark. But remember that without darkness, there would be no light. Without color, there would be no purpose. No expression. No creativity.

I love coming to Bushwick, Brooklyn because of all of the murals. You hardly see such grand scale paintings these days. They show up here and there, especially in the city. People flock to them “for the gram” haha but why is it so amazing to us? Because of the uniqueness it brings. Art is everywhere. And when we find it, it really goes a long way. Not just aesthetically, but in our minds, hearts, and lives.

Appreciate more. Wander more.

Alright so I wasn’t too colorful with my attire this go around, but I purposely wore darker clothes to make the mural stand out more. My top is actually a peplum floral top. I don’t really feel like peplum suits me, so I tucked it into these amazing high waisted mesh black shorts. I also paired the outfit with my new black and gold sandals! They’re so unique and I love them.

XO Jenn

Outfit Details:
Forever21 Floral Strapless Peplum Top
Nunbangkok Chariot Shorts | JustFab Sandals
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