Shadow Play with Monochrome

Fall, where have you gone? I’ve missed you so.

I see bits and pieces of you everywhere. The sweaters are pulled out of the back of closets. OTK’s and booties are walking here and there. Even the crisp, golden colored leaves grace the floors. Foliage dripping from the green and you’re hiding. You’re playing a game by sending the warm hugs of summer and then the icy breath of winter. Come out of the shadows.

Finally, a taste of fall. Playing in the shadows, were you? So am I! Scattered leaves on the floor and the sun peaking through the empty space of tree branches. A slight breeze with the warmth of the sun is the perfect fall day.

You can never go wrong with a black and white outfit, no matter the season. I really wanted to bring out a sweater and I figured this white top with its fine details was the perfect one. I love oversized items. They make things so cozy! With a looser top, I opted for more form fitting bottoms. These leggings are from Aritzia and they’re sooo comfortable. Since I was working toward a fitted look, my OTK’s were a must. Plus they give me extra height! (#shortpeopleproblems)

The sun did go in and out quite a bit, so I definitely needed a jacket to combat the fall breeze but those pictures will come later 🙂

Only 1 day til the weekend. Any plans?

Look Details:
Top: Forever21
Leggings: Aritzia
OTK’s: Steve Madden
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  1. My weekend actually starts today as we have a public holiday in Sweden tomorrow 😀 But as for plans, I’m gonna relax and take it easy for the first time in like forever.
    Regarding your outfit, I LOVE oversized and always go for a oversized top and skinnier jeans when possible. 🙂
    Let’s hope autumn stays with us just a tad longer before winter takes over…


  2. This looks like such a comfy outfit! I absolutely love the pattern on that top. I agree with you too! This fall and summer weather tug-of-war drives me nuts! I’m ready for fall to come and STAY for a while!

    Stephanie //

  3. I’m going to be so sad once autumn ends and winter comes 🙁 ! Definitely going to be hiding the cute sweaters and OTK boots over bulky jackets! Especially in canada when winter last like.. half the year..sigh

  4. To be honest, black & white is my favorite hue. Why? because it can be easily paired with. Anyway, love your outfit and especially your hair! Arg! So nicceeee..

    xoxo, Katrina
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