Saint x Sinner In a NY Minute

Life is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking risks, and climbing mountains. It’s so easy for us to take a step back, never venture further than the safety of the sidewalk and blend in. DON’T! See the world and do things you want. You only need to take that first step and the rest is gold.

Like this dress… I don’t wear yellow. You can check my wardrobe! But this dress spoke to me. I don’t know if it’s because it is definitely a warm fall tone, or that it sorta reminded me of Beyonce’s Hold Up look, but I felt like I needed to swallow my eeek and just go for it. And to my surprise, I actually love it.

In the heart of NYC, Times Square seemed like the perfect place to immerse myself in for this dress. Not only is it a bold statement, but it’s part of the Saint x Sinner‘s State of Mine Collection that I mentioned in In a NY State of Mine with Saint x Sinner. That featured a bold red piece that doubled as both a vest and a dress! So versatile.

If you’re going to go for something, why not go big? Times Square is one of the busiest places in the city, especially these infamous red stairs – so what better way than to stand out in a sea of many?

I particularly love the flowiness of this dress. It’s very easy to move in (not body hugging). The sleeves are so adorable, making the look of bodice sweeter even with a plunging v-line. The buttons add another cute adornment. I love how the dress includes a semi high-low style, as those were a huge hit a few years back.

Paired with my Sam Edelman lace-ups and a few of my staple gold accessories, I walked the streets of NY.

What are some clothing styles or colors that you’re afraid to try?

Look Details:
Saint x Sinner  Honeybee Summer Bliss Dress*
(thanks to RuRu Louise Media House)
Sam Edelman Strap Up Heels
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  1. This color is so unique and I’m totally loving it. I also adore how you stepped out of your comfort zone with it, and how you portrayed that by shooting in such a populated location! This is a fantastic post!

    Stephanie //

  2. I love New York so much and your photos make me miss it even more. You look absolutely stunning in that yellow dress with the colors of the city behind you. I look forward to seeing more from you! ❌⭕️

  3. I totally feel you and your hesitation to wear yellow! I have a fear of yellow too but the right yellow, like this gorgeous dress, is definitely an eye catching outfit! I love the high low hem of this and the adorable buttons. You totally rock this dress and own it babe! I love the burgundy and mustard and dark greens for fall but we’ll see if I end up wearing those instead of my usual all black. =) xoxo, Christine

  4. This dress is gorgeous on you! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone! One trend I just can’t embrace is plaid!

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