NYFW: ShopStyle Social House

This was the second NYFW event that I attended and it was beyondΒ amazing! ShopStyle hadΒ two floors for influencers to socialize, network, and just basque in all the wonderful sponsors.

At the 21st floor, we had complimentary drinks and a range of clothes, accessories, bags and more to sift through from top brands. The premise was for us to find things we liked and we could borrow the items for a week to shoot and style them! I borrowed a lovely floral dress from Shoptiques and a shades of green dress from Neiman Marcus’ HauteHippie.

This rack of shoes are all from Sam Edelman and can you believe they were gifted? I got a lovely pair of black lace up heels and I love them!

Sole Society had denim scarves that would be embroidered with instagram handles. I didn’t get a chance to get mine on the spot, but it’s going to be mailed to me so I’m super excited to share and style it later on!

And lastly, this floor had an amazing balcony with views that even Drake would be proud of. There was a cute little lounging area where Ingrid (@ingridlikesyou) and I decided to sit back and relax, in the shade – cause you know we were melting. This is where I was extremely thankful I wore white. Sun, bounce right off me please! [PS thanks to Eddie (@IAmEddieHom) for snapping this pic!]

Off to the 14th floor we had the opportunity to choose a choker from Baublebar, wear it, and take a polaroid! Y’all already know I’m on that choker game so I was stoked! Okay, maybe in the polaroid, it didn’t look like I was ecstatic but I was smiling, I swear.

Coffee and tea bar courtesy of Yumi Kim! They’re cup holders were so cute! Loved the floral design and you best believe I got some iced coffee. Always need that caffeine πŸ™‚

Thank you Square Cash for having such a cool photobooth to allow us to keep these memories. Y’all can see the squad goals captured right here!

I actually didn’t know that Hallmark was making a come back with this Signature line. These cards are super cute and I’m so grateful to be given a few cards! I can’t wait to use them for upcoming occasions! I remember Hallmark used to be the shit and it’s so nice seeing them come back in a new light.

Gigi New York came through with two styles of bags in a variety of colors that were gifted to attendees with the opportunity to have them monogrammed with our initials!! How cool?! I recently showed my wine red Madison bag off on instagram. If you missed it, click here!

Overall, this event was amazing! I got to hand out some business cards (woop, woop!), meet new faces, and was introduced to so many amazing sponsors. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend. Can’t wait til next year!

More blog posts to come recapping my NYFW experienceΒ πŸ™‚
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  1. Lovely recap. I missed the shoes…boo! So happy you were able to enjoy the event and take advantage of all the freebies! Love all the photos and you look stunning in the all-white outfit. Loved meeting you! Xoxo

  2. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to meet both bloggers and brands alike! You look amazing in the wrap-choker and I love your burgundy Gigi New York bag, just perfect πŸ™‚


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