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nōˈel/ noun Christmas, especially as a refrain in carols and on Christmas cards.

So it’s definitely not Christmas, but sometimes it sure feels that way in NY. Between the strong wind and icy cold air, it’s hard to imagine that it’s Spring…let alone almost Summer. I’m sure if it snowed, no one here would be surprised. The past few days we’ve been blessed with a shining sun and clear, blue skies. Unfortunately for this weekend, all that dies and we’ll be drowned in rain.

Anyway, I really like this sweater. The material is so nice and the upside is that it’s black. I don’t normally wear clothing with huge letters, but this is a nice change. I might look stupid with a Christmas theme, but who cares? I sure don’t.

This simple ensemble is paired with my go-to high waisted jeans and of course the Louie’s. Darker colors always contrast nice against a light wall.

You don’t even know the struggles it took to take these shots with the wind literally charging through my soul. It died down enough for me to get a few good shots and then immediately went back to wreaking havoc, throwing my hair all over my face and chilling my bones.

BooHoo Christmas Nina Noel Hem Sweater
Forever21 High-waisted Jeans |Sam Edelman Louie Boots
Kat Von D Vampira Lippie
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XO Jenn

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