Isn’t it funny how memories work? How objects or smells bring on flashbacks like nothing? Well I found this little number in the back of my drawer, long forgotten and hasn’t seen the light of day in some time now. Immediately it shot me back down memory lane to 15 year old me with tan, golden-brown skin. My hair down to waist, pin straight, and black as night. No layers, no bangs. My friends called me Pocahontas.

Fast forward to today, seven years later. Me again, but now my hair is chopped. I’ve obviously grown taller quit a bit, packed on some muscle, filled out here and there. And bam. I wouldn’t get the Pocahontas impression anymore. Definitely not, with my lightened (and short) locks. I’m not as tan as I used to be either.

Let’s call it a “modern twist” shall we? I’d go with the word “neutral” instead. I’ve added a pop of color from Jenn Im’s ColourPop Collection (woot woot!). A touch of black with these sandals from JustFab. And there we have it!

I’m honestly surprised that a) I still have this (oh wait, nope, I’m the type of person who keeps things swearing I’ll someday use it, meanwhile it starts getting cobwebs in the back of someplace somewhere…yeah somebody call Hoarders). And b) it fits…ish. LOL. I like it a lot still to this very day. I’ve never seen anything designed like it either. The layered look is awesome, especially with its lace business.

Do you still have something from the past? What is it? Best memory?

Blast From The Past Dress  |  JustFab  Sandals
Colour Pop Cosmetics Jenn Im Collection
Eyes: Un & Deux, Lips: Dohee Ultra Satin Lippee
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