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My DNA Test Journey!

If you’re new to my blog or have not been following me for some time yet – hi! Welcome 🙂 I was adopted at birth and for the longest time, I knew I was Taiwanese, but I didn’t know if I was full, mixed, or what. People would ask me, “What are you?” and my answer would always be, “Taiwanese” as a default but there was always some lingering question if there were more or not.

So… I decided to bite the bullet and get a DNA test! I got 23andMe’s Health and Ancestry DNA kit because I wanted to know if I had any pre-existing health conditions or just any more insight to my health, because again I don’t know. Whenever I went to the doctor, they’d ask if my family had XYZ and I’d say no, but I never knew for sure.

The DNA test is super easy and comprehensive to follow, but let me tell you, it requires a TON of spit. Results come in fairly fast and you can review them on a desktop or the phone app. Tune in to my video to check out the entire process + my results!

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My DNA Test Journey!