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Melted grayscale is the way to go. I heard stripes are making a comeback! The weather has been up and down lately, so here we go with the sweater weather again.

This sweater is really soft and warm. Its design kind of makes me look boxy (LOL) because the hem is tighter by the waist as opposed to the torso. I decided to wear Victoria Secrets tights. Even though they’re made for working out, they’re just super comfy. Paired this outfit with my knee high boots from Steve Madden.

Styled some accessories from Rocksbox! You can rent out beautiful, unlimited, and personalized jewelry pieces from designer brands with free prepaid shipping both ways.

Check out these awesome Meteora Triangle Studs Set in Howlite & Black from House of Harlow. I love that they’re black and white. The white ones have a marble design (which I absolutely adore!) The triangles with gold accents make the earrings have an edgy pop.

Dude, this statement Laurel Necklace from Perry Street is so bomb. I really like the design and the length makes it perfect to wear with anything. The triple chains also add a nice layering effect that most necklaces don’t have.

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*Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.
Na-Kd Fashion Long Coat | H&M Striped Sweater
Victoria’s Secret Knockout Tights | Steve Madden ‘Gorgeous’ Boots
Colour Pop Cosmetics Beeper Ultra Matte Lippie
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