Metallic Vibes & OTK’s

New York weather took a turn for icy cold. I swear, we literally went from Summer to Winter in a blink of an eye. Where did Fall go?!

I’ve been seeing OTK’s fill up my feed recently and I’ve been dying to pull mine out of the back of the closet to join. But, it was too warm. All of a sudden, the weather dropped and it’s so cold! But I did it anyway and the best thing to pair them with is monochrome!

I’ve been loving the trending fall textures between silk and velvet. Unfortunately, I haven’t hopped onto the velvet train, but soon will! I have my eye on slip dresses! On the other hand, I do have this silver silk t-shirt dress and it felt soooo nice! A silver touch certainly matches with the icy weather. Especially since it’s  metallic.

Capturing Fall foliage and its working magic is awesome! I really love watching as the leaves change. But don’t be fooled, you see Fall but you feel Winter. I was freezing!

If you’re looking for an amazing dupe of the Stuart Weitzman OTK’s, Steve Madden has answered your prayers. They’re so similar in style and for just the price tag of $99. I’m sure you can find deals! I actually got my boots through Macy’s so the tag dropped another $10 or more. Remember, fashion isn’t about designer brands and luxurious pieces. It’s about working with what you got, turning that into what you see as fashion, and owning it. I’ve seen people dress up $5 basics and you would have never guessed otherwise.

Tying this piece together, I put on a lengthy black number to compliment the length of the boots and the dress. I always find the rule of thumb to have a jacket as long as or longer than the dress you’re wearing. Not every short piece can be styled the right way so you’re best bet is length!

P.S. This choker has “Believe” written in Japanese. Always believe in yourself, capabilities, and stand by your opinions. You’ll achieve anything you set your heart to.

Look Details:
Coat: Na-kd Fashion
Dress: Simple Retro*
OTK’s: Steve Madden
Choker: Jade Chi
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Metallic Vibes & OTK’s