Metallic Silk

When it comes to wearing outfits, you either have the choice of wearing things that look good, but aren’t comfortable or things that are comfortable, but don’t look as nice. But the formula is simple: if you’re not comfortable, you look bad. Period.

Yeah, yeah. Dress to impress, but first you should be dressing for yourself. If you’re not comfortable, it will show. You’ll just regret wearing what you wore. And just cause you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.

I absolutely adore t-shirt dresses for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Versatility
  2. Comfort
  3. Effortless

They are super versatile. You can just wear it on it’s own, add knee-high socks or boots, and even add a built to cinch around the waist. They are so comfortable, especially since they are flow-y. You have room to breathe and move around freely and it’s just perfect. I love dresses because you literally just throw it on and you’re done. Outfit ready. No real effort there.

I’m wearing a Silk T-Shirt Dress from SimpleRetro, a new company that focuses on simplicity. Talk about minimalism! It’s metallic and lightweight. I think it can totally be dressed down, to just chillax at home with a mug of tea. OR you can wear it out with a belt cinch and knee-high boots since the metallic material gives it extra flair.

And I just paired it with some black and white Michael Kors flats. More comfort 🙂

Simple Retro V-Neck Casual Short Sleeve Loose Silk Dress
Michael Kors Black and White Flats
Colour Pop Cosmetics Cami Matte X Lippie
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XO Jenn

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  • andlivloves
    June 15, 2016

    I love the silk t-shirt dress! It makes what I would normally think of as a casual piece a lot more snazzy!

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Metallic Silk