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As you all could probably tell, marble is the jelly to my peanut butter (even though I don’t like jelly). Marble is literally the best thing since sliced bread…and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Now I’ve been on the marble train for a while now, but recently I got my nails done at Akiko Nails with black marble and I’ve been obsessed! Now how am I going to get a black marble case that I liked? CaseApp answered my prayers with its customization option. YAAAAS.

CaseApp is a website that has pre-existing designs for iphone cases, samsung cases, macbook skins, and you name it. Since I was going for a unique approach, I got a custom samsung case and macbook skin. I designed both with photoshop, but if you don’t have that program, CaseApp has their own built into the site for you to add images. I specifically wanted my logo “Jennsemble bits & pieces” so I made my own.

You may also notice something extremely different…I have glasses! Cats outta the bag. Or is it? This is typically my at-home-bumming-it-out look. When I’m at home, I like to give my eyes a rest from contacts, so I wear my Warby Parkers. I usually tie my hair up too, since I prefer it completely out of the way.

I’m sure you also notice my friends aka tsumtsums aka Iron Man and Baymax. These little guys are my favorite things! Usually Iron Man has been my go-to travel buddy. Yeah, I hug these fellas to sleep. I don’t think I can sleep without them… I’m actually 5 years old…call me a kid at heart.

As I mentioned before, black marble! Plus I’ve been having a thing for gold, so I had to incorporate it somehow. Wah lah! The end product definitely made me happy. LOL.

Maybe too happy? Just kidding! You can never be too happy. I was probably watching a cute video here. Orrrrrr I’m just a dorky, happy bub. I’d say the latter, most of the time.

Anyway, I really like how both the skin and case came out! The skin came on 3M paper and was super easy to apply (even a caveman can do it! – wait, I’m not Geico). The black marble is stellar, in my opinion. The gold sequins add a punch too!

It’s definitely an amazing feeling to have something to call your own… like a website. And now, with CaseApp, I can let everyone else know by carrying my name on my mac and my phone. Win-win! Bonus for a dual-conversation starter: marble AND the meaning.

Overall, I’m so stoked to share these products with you to the point where I want to jump for joy! Okay, maybe I did a happy dance in my seat just now. Why? I want to share CaseApp with you by giving you a discount to make your marble or any other dream come true and bring it to life!

Use “JENNSEMBLE20” for 20% OFF your order with CaseApp.

*Stay tuned for an exciting giveaway on Instagram!*

XO Jenn

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Marble Details with CaseApp