Little Black Dress

I actually have a ton of LBDs at home. It’s either the fact that black is my go-to or because of this one time I worked a job that required all black clothing.

Isn’t it fitting how my outfit consists of black and gold and the parking lot bears the same colors?

I picked up this little black dress from Forever21. Again, I love this semi-open back – don’t you? The details are pretty simple but I feel like the back is my favorite part. Pairing with this I work a long gold chain from Rocksbox! [You can get your first month free using ‘jennsemblexoxo’ 😊] I really like how simple and narrow the chain, especially since it’s layered for a nice high-low effect.

Smaller details involve my gold Pulsar watch and my trusty dusty hair tie. I’m actually surprised I haven’t lost this one yet. I always have that issue of buying a pack and they all disappear one by one.

For sandals, I’m wearing these black ones with a gold accent on the small heel from JustFab – affordable shoes!

I’m super happy cause today is Friday!! Any plans for the weekend? I’m super excited to go see The Secret Life of Pets!

Forever21  Black Dress  |   JustFab    Sandals
Rocksbox   Gold Chain
Colour Pop Cosmetics Beeper Ultra Matte & Cami Matte X Lippie
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Little Black Dress