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Jenn Hanft wandering into Karakia Hotel Palm Springs

Crash Course: Palm Springs in 48 Hours

If most of you have been following along on my Instagram feed, you’ll notice that a) I know have an abundance of Palm Springs content and b) I started adding vibrant color. Gasp! It’s so funny how travel opens up perspectives and changes you, even if it was only 48 hours. Yes, you heard that right, I was only in Palm Springs for two full days and I have content to last me a month LOL.

Today’s post will be dedicated to showing you the instagrammable spots I hit up in Palm Springs! I am extremely thankful to Sharon of Style Lullaby and David of DCP Photographer for giving me this crash course and making this post possible. My trip would not have been so fun filled with adventures and memories if it weren’t for them.

Welcome to Palm Springs

Ready to discover all the Instagram worthy spots of Palm Springs? Here we go!

Korakia Hotel

@korakiaย |

This hotel is the cutest spot! It feels like you are transformed into a whole new part of the world and time period. These two pictures don’t give it justice, but if you ever visit Palm Springs, you should definitely check out the Korakia Hotel. The archways are so beautiful, the flower fountation is certainly instagrammable.

Ice Cream and Shoppe

@icecreamandshop |ย

OMG this is the cutest ice cream shop ever! Aside from the fact that the ice cream is totally bomb and affordable, it has two key components that brings it to my list: their shop is filled with the cutest things (ranging from fun pins, large pool floaties, and memorable cards)ย and their ice cream list has some special flavors (including Coachella Valley Date, Lavender, and Pomegranate Chip). If you’re craving ice cream, which I’m sure you will be in the heat of Palm Springs, this spot is totally for you.

Moorten’s Botanical Garden

@moortensbotanicalgarden |ย

This spot was cacti and succulent heaven! For all of you plant lovers out there, this is your go to spot to visit for sure. Admission fee is $5 a person but it’s honestly so worth it to discover all the types of cacti that exist! Who knew there were so many?! I only wish I could have bought some plants to bring home with me ๐Ÿ™

Pioneer Town

#PioneerTown |ย

Ready to go back several decades? Pioneer Town of Palm Springs is like being transported back to the Wild, Wild West! You literally get all the desert, cowboy, ranch vibes you could possibly want. I’m not a huge wild west fan, but it was definitely cool to see this little town up close and personal. I felt like I was in WestWorld, minus all of the visitors and robot people haha! Instagram worthy for sure cause you won’t find this type of setup that often anywhere else.

That Pink Door

@thatpinkdoor | #thatpinkdoor

This is a real house in Palm Springs where people actually live inside haha, but their infamous pink door has taken storm across social media as an Instagram hot spot! They recently updated their IG saying no photos allowed, so unfortunately this spot is no longer available to take shots at due to the high volume of people who take photos here (noted by the hashtag literally FILLED with photos). While I’m sure the publicity was great, I can understand how the extra press can become intrusive with full productions outside of a home.ย While I visited, I was able to get a shot here before they officially marked no photography or trespassing allowed. David caught an awesome shot of the behind the scenes shoot at this location! Also, remember that shot of me starting a new sport of touching palm trees? That was shot here too!

Joshua Tree National Park

@joshuatreeacres |ย

Now I bet you allllll know this spot from Palm Springs! The Kardashians have Joshua Tree in their mobile game which is the first time I discovered what it was and the second time was when Sharon kept shooting there! Joshua Trees are those funky looking trees you see in the background, but they honestly have so much character. The scenery in this state park is to die for! There’s desert sand, joshua trees, and large boulders that people actual climb (holy cow!) Apparently you an also see a beautiful milky way here, so if y’all have time to camp out here – DO IT! I wish I did, but I’ll save that for my next visit!

Desert Springs

@desertsprings |

Lastly is Desert Springs Mariott in Palm Springs where you can find flamingos all out in their hot pink glory! I’ve never seen flamingos in real life so I was super excited to get this opportunity. I never got a chance to actually go inside but I’m sure it is magnificent (it was starting to get dark out… and we got hungry)! The drive in is also spectacular because of the line of palm trees surrounding the entryway. Definitely go visit the flamingos!!

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  1. This was the first thing I read this morning when I got up and it makes me so excited for my potential honeymoon in PS! SO many gorgeous places to explore! Looks like you had an amazing time!

    1. Ahhh I’m so glad you read it! OMG you’d have an amazing honeymoon there! It’s truly such a beautiful place with lots to do and spots to explore for sure! Hope you enjoy it xx

  2. This crash course is just on point hehehe <3 David and I had soooo much fun with you and Yuena! Thank you again for flying all the way out here to enjoy the sun and some fun sights with us. It was a pleasure showing you both around and I'm glad you had a blast. I am looking forward to our adventures in NYC next! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xo, sharon

    1. Literally on point because of you two!! So grateful that you put this together for us. I had a wonderful time! Can’t wait for you to come to NYC hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Next time adding an IV of red bull and cocaine and will be able to do 10x as much in the same amount of time, especially with the need for sleep eliminated!

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