Indigo Mosaic Hues with IMAJI

I’m a huge fan of art. So it’s fairly easy to guess why I love this top so much. Aside from the indigo shades of blue, the uniqueness that drew me in was the imperfect patten of squares. And believe or not, they were all hand painted with raw dyes. Talk about a walking masterpiece!

This top was designed by IMAJI Studio! I love, love, love how this screams unique. The material is definitely different from most tops, and the added details make of paint and pattern really make it stand out. Everyone can relate to imperfections, because we all have them. This concept really struck a cord with me because it allows you to find beauty in flaws. We should all have this mindset.

The design of this IKAT top in Mosaic and Black is so eye-catching. Maybe it’s the contrast between light and dark. Or maybe it’s the idea of layering the materials on top of each other in this overlapping manner. Maybe it’s the unique collar. Well whatever it is, it’s so special. And you want to know the best part of it? Every piece is never exactly the same. That’s the beauty in handmade and hand crafted pieces. They become one of a kind.

So who is IMAJI Studio? 

Founded by two friends, IMAJI Studio is created to appreciate design, nature, experimentation, as well as the art of fabric and pattern making. The founders are obsessed with the raw dyeing process and how imperfect handmade patterns can create the perfect look. IMAJI takes pleasure in using nature as its muse to put forth raw patterns to create a twist and comfort in the everyday wardrobe.

What are your thoughts on this designer?

Look Details:
IMAJI Studio IKAT Mosaic and Black Top* (thanks to RuRu Louise Media House)
Aritzia Leggings | Sam Edelman ‘Louie’ Boots

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Indigo Mosaic Hues with IMAJI