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Aside from the granted “badassness” this shirt gives off, I just really like that black rectangle that says “weird”. Is that weird? LOL.

I actually take pride in being weird, because that means that I’m different. Not saying that normal isn’t cool, it’s just bland haha! Don’t ever feel that because you’re weird, that it’s not okay. Be who you are, embrace your weirdness, and just go with it!

Anyway, back to “Baddie”. This shirt has a culmination of images of badasses and what not. I think the best part of this crop top is that it plays with black and white (you know how I do). Plus, gotta rep HLZBLZ and the #badgyalsclub.

I picked up these cargo trousers from Zara. Aren’t they super cute? I especially love the zippers and olive green color. I’ve been really getting into the color green lately. Since I’m a May baby, my birthstone is Emerald…so I guess maybe that’s where it stems? Or not. Who knows?

I used to have similar pants when I was younger in both this olive green and then camo. I loved camo! These pair of pants just reminded me of that, hashtag nostalgia. Anyway, I figured that my Adidas Superstars would be the perfect shoe to tie this ensemble together. Aside from being comfortable, it’s still extra crisp and clean!

Yes there is a Payless reflected in the windows LOL. I decided to park myself in front of a bank building for this shoot, since I liked the grey wall. Could never go wrong with grey, right? On a side note, I kept the accessories minimal, so I’m just wearing my gold Pulsar watch. Simplicity, yes?

P.S. there was an abundance of photos this go around so don’t mind the extra pics. I’ve also included a funny one to go with my weird statement: The Dab. I may be doing it completely wrong, since I’ve only seen other people do it in random videos, but here it is. Yes, my arms aren’t military straight. My bad. And also, yes, it took me about 5 tries to actually get a decent picture without cracking up as onlookers wondered wth I was doing.

HLZBLZ  Baddie Crop Top | Zara  Cargo Trousers
Adidas  Superstars
Colour Pop Cosmetics Chateau Matte X Lippie
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HLZBLZ & Cargo