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giving back with heart & silk

Happy official first day of Summer!!

For those of you who want an extra reason to celebrate hump day, it’s also National Cookie Dough Day! I decided to kick off the summer with a graphic tee from Heart & Silk and a pop of color (gasp). Never mind that shocker, you’ll never guess who the artist of this design is…

giving back with heart & silk

giving back with heart & silk

giving back with heart & silk

A child!!

Now ready for the kicker?

This cute dog graphic tee was designed by a child without a home. Founded by two recent college graduates, Michael Sim and Ben Chu, Heart & Silk is a Brooklyn based clothing company that launched in 2016. All of the designs printed on their products are actually the creative works of homeless children. Each week Heart & Silk hosts an art workshop for the children at their partnering shelters to help them with personal development, to develop ongoing friendships with them, see a smile on their faces, and showcase their art to the world.

Focusing on a cause.

Heart & Silk was built on Mike and Ben’s passion for giving back and lending a hand to those in need. New York is unfortunately ranked #1 in the US for having the largest homeless population. Taking their passion on doing something about this led them to start from the ground up and focus on children. By driving focus on homeless children, Heart & Silk aims to aid in reducing the rate of growing homeless adults.

Through encouraging these children to engage in arts and crafts, Heart & Silk allows them to get creative, learn, and express themselves while having fun doing it. Once the kids’ masterpieces are finished, they are then silkscreened onto quality shirts. Fun fact: Mike and Ben took 2 years to find the perfect shirt to display these precious designs. They ended up finding a shirt that ensures durability, is light weight, soft and maintains each print no matter how many washes.

The giving doesn’t stop there. For each shirt sold, Heart & Silk gives a care package to a homeless child. The package is a tote bag that contains a variety of art and school supplies as well as loved snacks to help kids take the first step to achieving their dreams.

Companies like Heart & Silk deserve more recognition. Socially conscious brands that support amazing causes and are devoted to giving back to the community hold the highest praise in my book. Lend a helping hand, spread the world, and contribute to making the world a better place. It all starts with a shirt.

with love jenn hanft

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  1. Now i’m all about causes, but this one really resonates with me! I have always had a soft spot in my heart for kids, ever since working in daycares since I’ve been old enough to work. Michael Sim and Ben Chu are two amazing men for starting something like this and I am so happy they are helping to keep these homeless children in good spirits by encouraging their creativity!

  2. I feel like there are so many different national this and that days now, but national cookie dough day? Umm yes please! Sounds like a delicious day. Haha

  3. I can’t think of a better reason to wear some color than this tee and this cause. How darling this shirt is and so creative and heartwarming hearing what buying this shirt can do. Such an amazing brand and their generosity is incredible. Everyone should go out and purchase a shirt now! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Xoxo, Christine

  4. I love supporting companies that give back. And I am a big fan of tshirts with verbage on it. Cute for the first day of summer.


  5. Oh my heart! This is the most incredible brand. I can’t get enough of their message and motive and how cute the tee is. I gotta go look at all the rest of their pieces now!

  6. I’ve heard of many socially aware brands and worked with some of them and must say, this brought a tear to my eye. No matter how many trees you plant and what not, a child is always a child and that IS the most valuable piece you own in your wardrobe so cherish it forever! Also thank you for spreading news about this amazing company who gives back to society!

  7. Hearing of this great cause that Heart & Silk is supporting really warms my heart. I’ve definitely seen a noticeble rise in the homelessness in NYC over the past few years. It’s incredibly sad, especially when children are involved.

    xo, Jo

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