Flirty Florals & Suede

I’ve done light florals before and now it’s time to do a dark one (since black is my right hand, my go-to).

Anyway, whipping out this awesome suede choker from Na-kd. I love how versatile and simple it is, but at the same time it’s striking. Suede is a key element of this outfit. It pairs nicely with this long coat from Na-kd (which you’ve seen before) and what are those?! Check out these awesome Stuart Weitzman boots…just kidding. It can be its long lost sister, since these are the Gorgeous boots from Steve Madden (and they are gorgeous).

The floral romper is from Forever21. It’s actually a long sleeve, but I didn’t get a chance to shoot it without my coat, so…use your imagination! Overall, I really liked playing with levels here. Long coat, shorts, high-knee boots. It all came together so nicely.

Na-kd Long Sleeve Coat | Forever21 Floral Romper
Steve Madden ‘Gorgeous’ Boots | Na-kd Suede Necklace
MAC Burgundy Lip Liner & Diva Lipstick
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XO Jenn

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Flirty Florals & Suede