Easter Egg Hunt!

Unfortunately, alongside my brother, we have grown “too old” to participate. In recent years, it has all been about my niece and nephew (how unfair!)

This morning, I actually woke up and immediately identified several “hiding” spots for eggs. I was pretty good at finding them in every nook and cranny my mom placed them in. Either I’m super attentive, intuitive, or just plain determined. Seems like I still got it, haha!

These tulips sure look nice right? It’s the home of three eggs! (Here’s one)

I went around inspecting the areas and found several eggs… whether it be semi hidden…

Or more obvious…

It just brings back so many memories. My brother and I would wake up early in the morning in excitement. Of course, my mom put on a grand display for us (we are her kids after all) as opposed to now, where she just sets up a small egg hunt throughout the house. Let me tell you, our hunt was savage. She’d hide eggs inside closets, in the cracks of bed sheets, in the fridge. It was the ultimate war. It’s funny because months and years later, we’d still find eggs hidden around the house (since my mom forgot about where she placed them).

Anyway, she’d give my brother and I each a basket that remained stationed on the dining table. We’d start at the same time, no time limit. You saw an egg, it’s yours but she did make things somewhat fair by placing a special egg in the hunt with our name on it. That meant that if I found my brother’s, it still goes to him and vice versa. The competition was real, heart racing, bursting excitement. Screaming, “I FOUND ONE!” and racing over to see who collects the most eggs in their basket. Everything in the confines of our house were game. In the end, if I had more eggs (which I usually did) my brother and I would sit and trade based on size and color. I’d offer him two eggs for one big one. You could say I was strategic with it all. It was a matter of business, with a little mix of personal. He was my little brother, so of course I let him have a fairly equal share as I did. The occasional here’s three eggs for one deal, or the I discovered an egg but placed it in his basket ordeal. As much as we fought and were pitted against each other, I always looked out for him and found ways to put that goofy smile back on his face.

Now, what are in these lovely eggs? It’s  a guessing game! But each egg ranges from money to candy.

Practically everything a kid can ever ask for. And to top it off, my mom gave my brother and I each a basket of goodies ranging from chocolate bunnies to peeps. Basically a big basket, decorated extravagantly because that’s her forte, of diabetes (every kid’s dream… of cavities).

Present day, the hunt has changed. Eggs have only been placed in certain parts of the house (i.e. the living room, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom). Bedrooms are no longer game. Closets don’t even make the cut anymore. The hunt has become easier. There’s no longer baskets and massive amounts of eggs to fill them up with. My brother and I have been blessed.

So here I am, reminiscing about the good old days. The competitive fun and race to the finish. And without further ado, a shout out to the woman that made all these memories a reality:

Thanks mom for the best childhood and life you can ever give a daughter. Low key, I can’t wait to eat those chocolate chip pancakes you were making. Mmmm.

Hoppy Easter, y’all. Some bunny loves ya. In this case, my bunny loves me. Meet Gunner, a mischievous bun with the most flavorful personality.

XO Jenn

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Easter Egg Hunt!