Dezzal Has My Back Covered

I know a lot of people have been having a hard time saying good bye to Summer, trust I know, but I’m sure some can appreciate the cooler weather. I know I have, but lately in New York it went from sunny and cool to chilly. How does one prepare for this? Dezzal seriously has my back on this one with this amazing trench coat. Can you believe I’ve never had a trench coat til now?!

First of all, I absolutely love the length! Aside from the fact that length covers more and you’ll be more warm, I just recently found an infatuation in lengthy pieces. Isn’t it perfect for fall? I believe it’s trending right now too! Second, I really like the side zipper. It gives the coat a more chic look and it plays on a solid black and black pattern. I really appreciate the dimension. Third, the tie around belt is amazing! I love coats that tie because I just feel more secure. This ribbon is actually super versatile. I’ve been tying it in the front, but you can totally tie it in the back with a bow for added detail. An example of this can be found here! Fourth, the pockets! They’re HUGE!! I love jackets with huge pockets because if you’re on the go and need a quick holder, there you go. The depth really allows security that things won’t fall out. Also, it doesn’t make the jacket look any bulkier so I really like that! Fifth, the bodice of this trench looks like a dress. It has a skater like bottom that adds flare.

Lastly, there’s a hidden slit! For all you slit lovers, this trench coat certainly doesn’t disappoint. This added detail allows for more room to breath and provides extra flexibility when moving around. Plus, it’s fashionable!

Ignoring the wrinkles, getting up close and personal with this trench – isn’t it so intricate? You don’t have to worry about your outfit underneath. Standing alone, this trench is definitely a great fall staple. Black, sleek, and unique. Paired with my go-to mules, it made a great look! For more details on this trench coat, click here 🙂

Do you like trench coats? What’s your favorite fall jacket?

Look Details:
Origin Black Belted Skater Trench Coat*
Steve Madden Infinitm Mules | Bash & Bow Leather Choker
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Dezzal Has My Back Covered