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Jenn Hanft wearing denim button down from Tictail

A trend you can never go wrong in: denim on denim.

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have a full on fashion post. Expressing my love for denim, I picked up this button down beauty from Tictail, a company dedicated to supporting up and coming designers from all over the world.

Jenn Hanft wearing denim button down from Tictail

Going from living without to living in denim.

For the past year or so I’ve stayed away from denim. It kind of reminded me of being a kid, on top of the super casual look it conveyed, so I wanted to dress more “grown up” and stylish. If I somehow opted for jeans, I stuck to black denim. I think the main reason why I stopped wearing denim was the comfort. Leggings became my go to since they were super versatile, comfy, and weren’t too rough on my skin. Also, I had such a huge issue with finding a pair that actually fit me. Typically all my jeans were way too long and it looked ridiculous hah!

To my luck, the distressed denim started #trending so I convinced myself to find a pair of distressed jeans. To my surprise I actually wound up finding the perfect pair at Zara which has been my go-to for jeans since.  I then worked my way to this pair with a frilled hem and then even got a pair of designer jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my comfy leggings and active wear but throwing on a pair of jeans doesn’t hurt every now and again. So now that I have bottoms covered, what about tops?

Jenn Hanft wearing denim button down shirt by +351 from Tictail

Discovering something new at Tictail

I ended up finding this dark denim button down from Tictail. The designer is +351 Designed in Lisbon, a brand I’ve never heard of before, but the quality is amazing!! I was introduced to Tictail not too long ago. If you might recall from my instagram post on #womencreatinghistory, all sales made during the week of International Women’s Day went toward Planned Parenthood and He for She. Finding Tictail has been a blessing because I love how the company aligns itself with not only supporting great causes, but also facilitating a way to introduce emerging designers to shoppers worldwide.

Jenn Hanft wearing Tictail denim shirt with Zara denim jeans

Why a long sleeve button down denim top?

I thought about all the variety of tops I can choose from: button down, short sleeve, vest, off the shoulder, and so forth and then I thought about the practicality and versatility of all my options. Narrowing down to a long sleeve button down was easy peasy. With spring coming, the transition in NY hasn’t been too great so a long sleeve certainly comes in handy for the colder days. Buttons allow for the closed and opened look, so double score on versatility for that. Also you can do a lot more with a button down, for example, wear it as a cold shoulder, tie it into a crop, wear it open, closed, tucked, or even around your waist.

Jenn Hanft wearing Tictail denim button down with zara jeans

Double denim? Isn’t that breaking the rules?

Hah! Who even comes up with these styling rules anyway? Apparently double of anything “clashes” and you should stray far, far away. But these days, everyone is a rule breaker (heck, some rules are just meant to be broken). Us rebels like to challenge rules so go ahead and wear double denim, triple denim, or whatever you want. As a reminder, fashion is what you make it. Don’t let anyone tell you something you like is wrong. Just go for it, wear it loud and proud.

Jenn Hanft thinking while wearing Tictail denim top

Passive with the things you say. I think we should rule out commitment for now.

Things aren’t set in stone. Your style will change, trends will come and go. Don’t force yourself to commit to something forever. Experiment! Try new things. Discover.

On the low, I’ve been really digging Drake’s new song Passionfruit. Have you listened to it yet?
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  1. You are absolutely slaying the double denim style! It’s honestly one of my favorites – you’ll find me in a light wash chambray top with dark wash skinnies at least once a week haha! Glad you finally found some denim that suited your style!

    Stephanie //

  2. Rules breaker over here too!! I love denim on denim and what I also love is brands supporting a good cause.
    This look so comfy and something I will use for my travels. A button down denim shirt can never go wrong. I’m glad you find you way back to the denim babe.


  3. Girl, you look smashing in that denim and whoever came up with the rule never to wear denim with denim can just go and shut it. You look stunning in the denim look and I’m glad you’ve found your way back after that period of aversion for the material as I could basically live in jeans for the rest of my life, haha.

  4. I am a real believer in rule breaking. Love the way you styled the Zara jeans and another color denim shirt. Looks great.


  5. Omg loving this pair of denim. It is very flattering. I think you are so right. Fashion is about not being afraid and trying new things and experimenting.

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