Born to Defy | Zappos x PUMA Women

Born to Defy with Zappos and Puma Women

Disclaimer: This blog post is being sponsored by Zappos, but all opinions are my own.

We grow up in a world where society creates this idea, a cookie-cutter mold of what we should be, and immediately we are defined by and against it. It’s unfair and it puts such a high amount of unnecessary stress on all of us – so much so that we sometimes forget that we’re all just human. Just like Zappos and Puma, I dare you to defy the standard. #DoYou

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DREAM MACHINE: The Interactive Instagram Pop-Up in Williamsburg, NY | Is It Worth It?

Jenn Hanft goes to Dream Machine in NYC

I went to the interactive instagram pop-up DREAM MACHINE located in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY for a hefty admission fee of $38 (plus tax). Today I’m sharing my experience and conclusion on whether it’s worth visiting or not.

Wearing: Zara Ribbed Off-The-Shoulder Bodysuit (similar) | Zara High-Waisted Black Jeans (similar) | Thursdays Boots (similar)

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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away | Apple Picking

jenn hanft apple picking

jenn hanft apple picking

It’s That Time Of The Year: Apple Picking

I’m actually not a fan of apple picking – majority of the reason being that I used to goΒ every year when I was little. Let’s be honest, it’s hardΒ not to get bored or tired of doing the same thing every year. I think it might also be the fact that I am no longer a child so the appeal has certainly weakened. So, how did I end up here this year? Well, let’s just say my mom played the victim card going on with the world’s smallest violin about how I “never spend time with her anymore” and that going would be a great way to bond. She also nudged le bae to come along because he’s tall and can help pick the best apples (thanks mom).

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