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23 Things I’ve Learned by Age 23

Oh hi there! Damn, I apologize for being absent yet again. I’ve just been going through a lot of things these past few weeks. Between celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday (happy 24 to him), getting sick and trying to survive, turning another year older myself (hello 23, on May 30th in case you were wondering), celebrating my 6th anniversary (has it really been that long?!) and welcoming my family to NYC as they visited from Taiwan, I’d say I had a lot of things going on.

I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned. 

Unraveling My Security Blanket | Depression

You never know what someone’s going through at the time and you should never believe all you see on the surface.¬†

This past decade alone has really been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve had many highs, but I’ve also had many, many lows. It’s sometimes hard to even look back because there have been so many dark moments that I’m not proud of and periods of time¬†I’d rather not remember.

Everyone bears their own closet of demons and everyone fights different battles. It’s never an easy feat to overcome certain feelings, especially ones that you can’t explain where they come from or how to resolve them.

I’ve decided to venture¬†into some very¬†sensitive territory and talk about Depression because it has been a rather large part of my life, believe it or not. The hardest part is feeling like you’re alone, so this is dedicated to the deeper layer of myself and for anyone out there who feels like there’s no place to turn to and no one who truly understands what you’re going through.

The First of Many

In the land of New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve found myself gravitating to more vague, growth-centric ones. For the past two years, I’ve followed the main NYR of something new for every month of the new year. That’s 12 things and there is no limit to what they can be. Anywhere from meeting someone new, learning something new, trying something new, visiting a new place, and so on. It boils down to 12 new things to color my life with, ultimately achieving what everyone wants: a better them. Why not make each month memorable?

I’m happy to report that I’ve already accomplished my something new for January: shooting in the snow.