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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away | Apple Picking

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It’s That Time Of The Year: Apple Picking

I’m actually not a fan of apple picking – majority of the reason being that I used to go every year when I was little. Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to get bored or tired of doing the same thing every year. I think it might also be the fact that I am no longer a child so the appeal has certainly weakened. So, how did I end up here this year? Well, let’s just say my mom played the victim card going on with the world’s smallest violin about how I “never spend time with her anymore” and that going would be a great way to bond. She also nudged le bae to come along because he’s tall and can help pick the best apples (thanks mom).

I’m Not Perfect, I’m Just Human | How to Get Over Life’s Obstacles

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It will be hard. No one ever said life was easy.

I’m not a perfect person. I’ve come to terms with that a long time ago. So for everyone out there struggling with the image of perfection, STOP. You are perfect the way you are, flaws and ALL. We often forget that we are all human. We make mistakes. We fall. We break down. We fail. That’s life.

I’m dedicating this post to those who feel lost, who are struggling to find happiness, who feel stuck, and who really want to just throw in the towel. It’s an uphill battle, folks, but you are not alone. This one’s for you.

What Life Is Like In The Eyes of an Ambivert

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I’ve always been asked the question “Are you an extrovert or an introvert?“. I’d usually hesitate, and to be honest, my answer swayed based on my current mood. I leaned toward “extrovert” when I was more happy or in a more social setting. Then at times I leaned toward  “introvert” in the comfort of my home, behind a screen being a potato. The true answer is that I’m both; so that must make me an ambivert.

Dear Self | A Letter Written to Future Me

I’ve always been fond of the idea of writing a letter to myself. Ideally, it would have been a letter to my younger self offering the advice and words of wisdom that present me wishes I could have known. Since that’s not really a logical possibility nor would it be helpful since, well, I’m “grown up” now, I thought how about a letter to my future self? Taking the idea of a time capsule, except instead of storing a handwritten letter inside an invincible treasure chest, I’d be storing it on the web. Well, here goes nothing…