Bomber #Basics

It’s been a chaotic weekend, so I figured I’d take a step back and just chill out. Hurry to being smack in the middle of the week! Spring break for me is right around the corner… literally. It starts Friday.

Caps are back! I haven’t brought any caps in my recent posts yet, so here it is. My Nike cap, plain and simple. I finally got my hands on a bomber jacket and I absolutely love it! It’s the perfect Fall/Spring jacket and the pockets have a button clasp. I’ve styled my brother’s wife beater (thanks Matt) by twisting a knot in the middle. Going along with that, I present to you another staple basic: Adidas track pants. Throw these babies on, they’re simple, black and white, and they have pockets!

Sporting my Lunar 3 Flyknits once again because what better way to finish a sporty outfit than with sneakers? Yasss. Can we have a round of applause for this beautiful sunny weather? Thank you NY for finally stepping your game up and blessing us (knock on wood, please do not rain or hail).

Nike Cap | Na-kd Bomber Jacket | Hanes Wife Beater
Niked ID Lunar 3 Multicolored Flyknits
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XO Jenn

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Bomber #Basics