Maybe Some Things Are Black & White

When you see black and white stripes, doesn’t it remind you of jail? LOL. Just had to get that off my chest. ANYWAY, black and white styles are timeless. And when put together, kinda like so, it can bring on a bold statement.

So here I am with this black and white striped top from American Apparel (#jailuniform). I paired it off with a basic black cotton skirt from H&M. Then to make the look a little more stylish, I threw on some black gladiator wedges. BAM. How easy was that?

I know, it’s summer time and I should be unleashing all these fun, bright colors that pop. But don’t you just have those days where you don’t wanna be colorful? Or is that just me…LOL. Sometimes I don’t want to necessarily stand out (even though this top kinda screams HEY YOU!). Color is good, but so is monochrome. I’ll get into more of a summer-y feel soon enough.


American Apparel   Crop Top Tank | H&M    Basic Black Skirt
Macy’s   Gladiator Wedges
Colour Pop Cosmetics Chateau Matte X Lippie
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XO Jenn

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Maybe Some Things Are Black & White