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Not everything is in black and white. Thinking that way deduces our perspective of life to a strict this way or the highway mentality. Not saying that it’s wrong, but it’s not a way to live. We must be able to explore, take risks, and venture outside of the box. That’s the only way we can truly find ourselves.

Outfits? That’s a different story. The minimalist comes out. Black and white are the most versatile colors. The  best part? They go together wonderfully; exhibit A.

Once again, caps have become an obsession and here I am sporting Adidas’ Adizero Cap. Yes, it’s a men’s cap, but who cares? You can rock anything, trust. I love the crisp whiteness of this cap and the logo is a mix of black and grays. Moving along, let’s talk about this awesome Tunic Jersey. It’s so spacious, so if I were to eat a massive meal it would definitely hide my food baby Oscar (yup, he has a name!). The draw strings on the chest can change up the look by making it more scrunched up and form fitting, but I like it the way it is: loose without a care in the world. It has a low-high finish where the back end is slightly longer than the front. A little edge, yas. Last but not least, damnnnnn jenn back at it again with them Sam Edelman’s. I know, I know. I wear these babies almost all the time. Sue me. I actually would have loved to finish this outfit with a lovely pair of white sneakers, but I have not blessed my wardrobe yet so for now these will do.

These graffiti walls, though. Niiiiiiiiiice!

Adidas Adizero Golf Tour Cap | HlzBlz Tunic Jersey
Sam Edelman Louie Booties | ColourPop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Beeper

XO Jenn

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  • sincerelyaimee
    March 31, 2016

    Love the outfit! It’s tough and badass, but looks great on you!

    I also posted a new outfit on my blog and would love if you come check it out!

  • Tiffany Liao
    April 4, 2016

    Love that our outfit it black and white, but you surround it with colors to make it stand out 👍

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