An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away | Apple Picking

jenn hanft apple picking

jenn hanft apple picking

It’s That Time Of The Year: Apple Picking

I’m actually not a fan of apple picking – majority of the reason being that I used to go every year when I was little. Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to get bored or tired of doing the same thing every year. I think it might also be the fact that I am no longer a child so the appeal has certainly weakened. So, how did I end up here this year? Well, let’s just say my mom played the victim card going on with the world’s smallest violin about how I “never spend time with her anymore” and that going would be a great way to bond. She also nudged le bae to come along because he’s tall and can help pick the best apples (thanks mom).

jenn hanft apple picking

Fast forward, I find myself amongst the apple trees. We ended up going to Masker Orchards, our go to apple picking spot, on the last day of September. The weather literally played games with us. It drizzled, it was freezing cold, then the sun came out and it was hot as a summer day, then the cold came back saying just kidding. On repeat. I swear, it was like the sun and the cold were competing for the spotlight.

jenn hanft apple picking

Aside from the constant change in weather, it actually turned out to be a great day. There is something calming about apple picking. I’m not sure if it’s the appreciation of picking something that grew to fruition or if it’s the fresh, crisp taste when you bite into an apple you picked. It’s the little things that make the most impact and just sticks with you.

Fresh apples are delicious LOL. I ate quite a few. But we all know what I was really there for: the apple cider and the apple cider donuts. Believe it or not, I love apples but I don’t like applesauce or apple pie. Isn’t that nuts? I’ve had many cases where I like a certain thing one way but not another (i.e. I like strawberries, strawberry yogurt, strawberry drinks, but I just can’t stand strawberry ice cream).

Needless to say, now that we’re in October (holy cakes it really is October!) I’m looking forward to the changing of leaves and stepping on that crunch.

What are your thoughts on apple picking? Planning to go or pass?
Excited for October, or nah?

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  1. Maaaan this makes me miss apple picking, to be honest. I found out I am allergic to apples and they make my throat swell up something fierce! 🙁 But I always loved going apple picking when I was younger. There’s something so fun about it. I’m glad you enjoyed your time even though the weather was bizarre haha!

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