All We Need Is Love

It’s very easy to get lost in the midst of things. To find a divide forming and the sudden illusion of being forced to choose a side. It becomes a domino effect, with people scrambling left and right to choose a hard left or a hard right. There is no true right and there is no true wrong. Everything is a mere perspective, a perception and everyone’s opinions are different. That does not mean that one’s ideal should be valued over the other. All voices should be heard.

Stop hate. Spread love.

This photo is just a reminder that perception is truly the key to all. One can argue that I’m looking left, because that’s what it seems right? Another can argue from my point of view I’m probably facing right. And then another can argue that clearly I’m looking forward. It’s all a matter of how you view things. Same thing goes for a glass filled half way. Are you thinking of it as half way full, half way empty, or just a glass of water?

Well, I’ll tell you that I’m looking forward because the future is bright, especially if you choose for it to be. If we have the capability of weakness, falling to an all time low, remember that we also have the capability of strength and the potential to rise to the top.

A lot of people have been saying that 11/9 is the new 9/11 and that is truly a horrible comparison. Lives were lost. Death was the air we breathed. And I get it, we all get it. Countries must be laughing at us and the people are claiming we might as well be dead at this rate. But all this negativity needs to stop. Seriously. People are talking about how this country is divided? Well you’re not making it any better by pulling childish things like unfriending people who don’t agree with your vote. Let’s be real for a second. I’m all for voices being heard, but don’t step down on others to rise. In a time like this, the best path to take is unity. 9/11 brought this nation together, so why can’t 11/9 be any different? What does negativity and bashing other people’s opinions do for you? What is the point in trashing the streets in which we live? Burning fires and causing riots. Is this all necessary?

Be the change you seek.

Fall down? Stand up ten times stronger. You cannot change the past and there’s no point in being stuck there. We should all look at the bigger picture and that is standing together because we need to more than ever. We see the division, we see the hatred pouring out. With all that being said, we should also see the opportunity of improvement. The path that we will walk together and that journey should be one of positivity and support.

I believe we can all do it. This week may be a tough one, heck this month will be hard. This year, the next four years, maybe even decades after that. That’s life. No one ever said it would be easy. But we all keep our heads up high and fight, because that’s our purpose: to make the best of things and aim for the better. Everything will get easier so long as we stand together as a country united. We will pull through, if we believe. Anything is possible. If this election showed us anything, it’s how negativity and hatred is the core of all evil. All the stereotypes, lies and deception has caused us to lose both faith and trust. It has literally torn us apart. We are all better than that. The entirety of this election has been focused on the competition between two parties and now that it’s over, both sides have commemorated the other. Every player recognizes the hard work and effort put in and are all looking toward a positive future. And yeah, you can argue that that’s all we can do is hope for the best. So why aren’t we all doing the same? Focus on the brighter outcome. As long as we provide support and spread love, we will flourish as one.

And this is really in any given situation, not just this election that has literally been eating at the lives of every American. Sure, the small details count but the most important thing is the bigger picture. Sometimes we get lost and forget that there’s always a bigger picture to things. All the little things have pure significance in that they must work together to make a bigger whole. That is key. Take a relationship for example. Sure the two parts are important, but they make up a bigger whole that depends greatly on the support of each other. It is a joint effort. If one part does all the work, the larger picture won’t be the one envisioned. So instead of focusing on the bad let’s focus on the good and how to achieve the better.

Of course, this is not an easy pill to swallow. We can’t change how people feel, but we can learn to respect their feelings. We don’t have to change our opinions, but we need to learn to acknowledge that others are entitled to their own freedom of speech. We don’t need to stand down and shut up. Voices are meant to be heard and you should always fight for what you believe in. But never let anyone tell you that your opinion matters less. That your opinion is wrong. Never be silenced. No one’s opinion is superior to another’s. There is an extent, however, where everyone who voices their opinion can but they should be mindful of others. We should not tolerate hate, bullying, talking down to others, treating others and their values as anything less. That behavior and mindset is shameful. It’s why there’s a greater divide that keeps growing. The only thing I can say is that we should be standing together. We may not all agree on everything, and that’s normal as we can’t please everyone, but there is always common ground. We are all fighting for the same thing, underneath it all. We are all human, underneath all the characteristics and titles we created to define ourselves. When there’s a will, there’s a way. All we need is love. Life is too short for anything else.

So please, stop the negativity.
Stop the hate.
Spread love.
We need tons of it.

I do just want to mention that I don’t intend for this post to add fire to the flame. I understand that this is a very sensitive topic, but I strongly believe that it’s important for me to speak up on this. I just want us all to see the bigger picture. The world is not over. Instead of stressing over the bad, please focus and thrive for the good. We don’t need to bash each other to get ahead. We’re all moving in the same direction, so why can’t we all just move together? I am by no means stating that I’m siding with any side. To me, there is only one side – the one that we’re all standing on. The divide is an illusion that we created. We need to break down that barrier. Fight together, not against. Sending positive vibes and love to all. sfmgqg9Look Details:
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  1. Now THIS is the kind of message we need to be spreading. I was honestly worried when I saw your title because I thought “not another political post, please” but then after taking the time to read it, I’m just grateful you even wanted to put your voice in the mix. My heart breaks due to the hate that is being spread, and I want to stand with you in spreading love and positivity no matter what anyone voted or what they believe. Thank you for standing tall, babe.

    Stephanie //

  2. So eloquently put! Instead of being frustrated and sad we need to put that energy into positivity and making a change! That’s the only way we can make any progress at all! And that goes for everything, not just politics. Be the change you seek xx

  3. So well written and true and I love your honesty. I agree with you on so many points. We do have to move forward and make best of the situation. I love this fall look and the flannel under the overalls. Such a warm and cozy look and still so chic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jenn. xoxo, Christine

  4. I totally agree. We need to unite stronger than ever before. We need to help each other and grow together as a nation. I understand that some people need to grieve and vent, but violence and chaos is not the right way to express your feelings of frustration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. What a meaningful & positive post. Thank you ! We need to look forward not back. There are so many disappointed with the way the election went but we all need to give change a chance. When you are alive and healthy there is always HOPE for a good tomorrow. It makes me sad that 11/9 is being compared to 9/11 where innocent lives were lost in a horrible act of violence, we have to ban together & pray that the president elect will do his best to lead this country in the right direction. Thank you for the positive vibes. Hate and violence is not the answer. The negativity that is all around us is wearing me down. Spread love !
    xx, gracie

  6. Great post and very inspirational. Although I don’t have the right to vote, the effects have definitely affected me. It’s very sad to see people so angry, upset and then hurt others all around me. I really hope that instead this all brings people together, not drive great people apart.


  7. Love this post! You couldn’t have said it any better! Thanks for the motivation and inspiration this post has! I totally agree that just because people have different views doesn’t give us all the right to be childish and rude towards one another! We need to be open minded! Thanks again for this! You look great btw!


  8. Hey darling!

    I love the message and hope that is here! I’m from Canada and I still can understand how this happened! It’s truly sad and I want to believe that the majority of Americans don’t share his views! We now have to look forward and every one can be the change! Let’s hope your country will come together soon!

    Bisous, Josie

  9. Dear Jenn, I’ve been reading tons of comments and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so forth and nothing has been as accurate as this one. You say it wasn’t the candidate of your choice who won, but you urge people to respect and love instead of hatred. What we need to do is keep loving and spreading love, no matter what.
    Thanks for a wonderful post sweetie!

  10. I admire your candor and truth about this whole thing! It’s been crazy, but love and unity are truly lost important. xo, Jessica

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