All Black ‘Cept My Gold Chain

Black is my thing, ya know? And not for the reasons that it supposedly makes you appear “skinnier” or it’s just more form fitting, but because it’s such a classic color. If you gave me the option of color versus black, I’d choose dressing like I’m off to a funeral because that’s just me. Of course, over the years I’ve incorporated color. Reds, pinks, blues, etc. But my wardrobe consists of mainly black. My go-to and it never fails me. I think the most I can “blame” for this is when I once worked at a sushi restaurant and all I could ever wear was black. Suits me!

I picked up this amazing coat from Na-kd. It’s a one size fits all and it’s such a steal. It is definitely the longest coat I own (minus the small factor that I’m fun-sized in height). The material keeps me surprisingly warm with this whacky New York weather. There is only a belt to tie it off, but who says coats without zippers or buttons are not a thing? (Stop trying to make fetch happen…just kidding). It hops on the bandwagon of that cardigan look, or rather a long drape of fabric (lol!).

Underneath, a Uniqlo long sleeve. It actually fits me more like a crop top, but no one has to know! Those leggings again! Yes, yes. I thought it complemented the top very nicely. Was I wrong? And OMG new boots? Where did the Sam Edelman’s go?! I figured it was time for a change so I banged out these knee-highs. They’re flat and pretty loose fitting. I got them from JustFab.

That gold chain? I got that from Na-kd as well. I love how it’s three-tier! Provides so much dimension and length. The best part? It’s gold! I’ve been a gold baby, but growing up I’ve been all about silver. More recently than not, I’ve been having a new found love for gold so here we are!

P.S. I’m not a vampire, I swear.

RayBan Wayfarers | Na-kd Long Sleeve Coat
Uniqlo Black Sleeve Top | Mysterious Shiny Leggings
JustFab Knee-high Boots | Na-kd Three Tier Gold Chain
ColorPop Cosmetics Ultra Matte LAX
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XO Jenn

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All Black ‘Cept My Gold Chain