Okay, so what is this? If you’ve been in tune with other bloggers lately, you’ve definitely heard of this product…if not seen it. This is literally the holy grail for your skin. It is like a fountain of youth stored securely in a bottle. It is magical water. Trust.

Let’s talk skincare!

Before I get into this product specifically, have y’all ever heard of the Korean 10-step Routine? Yeah, so I follow that half-ass. I basically do cleanser, toner, SK-II, and moisturizer. On occasion, I throw in some cleansing oil as the first step OR a face mask before the moisturizer. It depends on how much make-up I wear or how I’m feeling. But anyway, I practice this in the morning and before bed, religiously.

So bae gifted me this beautiful product a little over a month ago, so yes it’s been an entire month that I’ve been using this stuff twice a day. Have I seen a difference in my skin? Hell yes!

I, like many other people, heard about SK-II from other bloggers. Particularly Jenn Im when she did one of her monthly favorites. I figured, oh that sounds cool. But literally around Mother’s Day, SK-II started campaigning their product through a bunch of bloggers around the world and this talk of holy water blew up! So, I was like fine, I’m going to check this thing out. LOL dude the bottle was $100. But great skin is a serious investment and it is sooooo worth it.

To be honest, I’m not entirely fond of the smell. I can’t really describe it, but it’s not too nice of a scent. It’s not horrible though so you’ll be fine.

So how does one use this?

After toning your face, apply 3-4 drops of the SK-II essence in your palm and then gently pat it all over your face, generously. Let it air dry while your skin soaks up its goodness!

What exactly is essence? What does it do?

SK-II Facial Essence is their best selling product that has a secret ingredient: Pitera. Pitera is basically a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. The essence contains 90% of that good stuff and promotes hydration, smoothness, brightness, skin tone correcting, and winkle reduction.

Alright, so does it actually work?

Yes! After using this stuff religiously my skin has become noticeably brighter, more even, firmer, and clearer. My mom is actually extremely jealous LOL she always comments on how beautiful and clear my skin looks now.

By the way, this is not at all sponsored. I just wanted to share my own review on this amazing product. I know it’s a huge chomp in your wallet, but I seriously have no regrets. I definitely plan on continuing this product and keeping it in my daily morning and night skin-care routine. It is a GAME CHANGER.

You can find out more about SK-II and their products here.

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XO Jenn ❤️


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  • Maca atencio
    July 1, 2016

    Jenn! I absolutely love this. I cannot believe I didn’t know about it at all. Sephora, here we go! Lol


    • Jennsemble
      July 1, 2016

      Aww thank you!! Let me know if you decide to get it and how it works out for you ❤

  • stylelullaby
    July 1, 2016

    I’ve been meaning to try this! Thanks for sharing — will definitely look into it further 🙂 Have a great long weekend babe! xo, sharon


  • agathalizz
    July 4, 2016

    Nice review, dear. I’ve heard that it really works like magic on skin .

  • Elisha
    July 7, 2016

    I should need to try this as well. I think its a good investment too! <3

    Elisha | http://loveelisha.net

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