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All About Fitness + 1UP Nutrition Live Taste Test & Review

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Hello beautiful souls!

If you have been following along, I recently created a fitness account (@jennhanft.liftsoriginal, yes I know), as a means for accountability and to track my growth/progress as I have decided to fully commit myself to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Well, what did you change?

Ah yes, of course – what exactly am I doing with my life? Well here goes it:

  • I hired a fitness coach (@minibutmighty_)
  • I joined a gym haha! Since moving, and COVID-19, I was hesitant on joining a gym so I did at home workouts following Youtubers and while that definitely kept me moving, I saw no real change. Plus, all the damn weights are sold out or priced RIDICULOUS amounts of money. Y’all crazy if you think I’m gonna spend $80-100 on a set of little dumb bells.
  • I workout at said gym 5x a week (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sat to be exact).
  • MyFitnessPal is now my best friend. I track all the food I eat and even invested in a food scale (wow!). I am currently on a specific macro and cal plan that is difficult because I didn’t realize I needed so much protein, how hard it is to get that protein, and funniest thing? I’m always under on carbs. And y’all know noodles are my absolute faaaaaave.
  • I bought an adult bike LOL (pictured here). Thankfully it didn’t cost an arm and a leg like other things lately. Oh, and it was made in Taiwan, like me 😀
  • I bike to and from the gym about half the week. The other days (if I’m lucky) I get to use the car LOL (thanks, bub).

OK, is it working?

Yes! While the scale isn’t moving quite that much, I am definitely noticing that I’m getting stronger, my body is getting more defined (losing inches, yes!), I’m more energetic, and I’m hungry. ALL. THE. DANG. TIME.

So, as I must consume a huge chunk of protein, I decided to try out 1UP NUTRITION as it’s been recommended and advocated for by Kat and many fitness accounts I follow. I’ve always struggled with protein powder because of the after taste. I’ve tried quite a few ones that are only right now tolerable because I drink it with oat milk and peanut butter powder.

As I scoured the internet on reviews on which flavors to get, I found myself drawn to Youtube reviews because who doesn’t want to see what the product looks like first hand AND get a live reaction on camera? ME. Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot. So I did my best and picked my flavors, my shipment arrived, and I figured heck, I’ll do a live taste testing + review for all the me’s out there looking for some advice.

Hope you enjoyed my video, or at least found it entertaining to some degree 😀 Let me know if you guys would like to see more review type videos, or if you hate it. Above all, hope it helps you fitness people out there! ❤️

with love jenn hanft

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