Ain’t Got Time

Time is limited, precious, and just something you can never get back. Not having time for something is a good thing, in some ways, and a bad thing in others. You should always try to evaluate your needs and place priority to the more important things that hold value to you.

I’m an extremely busy person, since I choose to be. It’s tiring. Sometimes I don’t even have time for myself to do silly things, like catch up on TV shows. Everything should be in a balance. Work hard, play hard. But at the same time, sometimes you need to sacrifice. For example, what if your grandma who lives in another country comes to visit and you have a dinner, but the same night you have this huge party that everyone who is anyone is going. I’d choose the dinner. You can’t take back time that is lost. So be careful what you say, “Ain’t got time for that” to. Other than that, feel free to brush off the things that don’t matter to you. Save your breathe.

So first glance, it’s a t-shirt dress and I absolutely LOVE those. I actually went into H&M purposely trying to buy more t-shirt dresses. Little did I know, when I came home, the dress wasn’t actually a dress, but just a shirt.

So you’re telling me that’s not a t-shirt dress. Are you blind?! I was blind to the fact that this so called “dress” has slits on both sides!

I still love it all the same, especially since now I know how versatile this piece can be. I decided to test the waters and see how it would look if I tied the front to make somewhat of a high-low shirt. Wah-lah.

Not bad, not bad. Now you can see my shorts (also from H&M). I paired this ensemble with a black suede choker, tied in a bow for something different. And my new Adidas Superstars.

So white, so crisp, so comfy. I recently got these bad boys and they are amaaaazing!

H&M ‘Ain’t Got Time For That’ Shirt | H&M Shorts
Na-kd Fashion Suede Choker
Colour Pop Cosmetics Limbo & Beeper Ultra Matte Lippie
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XO Jenn

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