About Me

Learn more about me and the meaning behind Jubilant Dose.

Some people are lost in the fire, while others are built from it.

Jenn Hanft is an individual in the pursuit of expression and spreading happiness through self-empowerment. Born in Taiwan and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she rose to become an HR professional. She graduated from Baruch College with a degree in Human Resources Management and a dual minor in English and Psychology. She continued to strive for success and obtained her SHRM-CP after college.

In the midst of her professional climb, she also became the Creative Director and Founder behind Jubilant Dose, a fashion, lifestyle, and empowerment blog. Jubilant Dose is a symbol that stands for a dose of happiness and triumph in Jenn’s life in which she constantly chases. Blogging is a creative outlet that led from a small hobby to something she is extremely passionate about. Not only is she invested in continuously finding ways to grow and improve herself, but to also offer her insights, experiences, and voice to guide others to do just the same; ultimately reaching a state of sophrosyne. Her goal is to empower and elevate men and women to chase their dreams and build empires.

Sophrosyne (n) [suh-fros-uh-nee]: A healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one’s true self, and resulting in true happiness.
For professional inquiries and advertisement, please e-mail info@jubilantdose.com.